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Reiki Infused Restorative Yoga

In this session I combine the healing powers of reiki and restorative yoga.

Reiki is a subtle hands-on healing technique that moves energy in the body to places where it is needed the most. While restorative yoga helps ease the mind as we are fully supported in long relaxing poses.

Both a Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master, I will guide you through a releasing restorative practice supported by bolsters and blocks so that you can find complete relaxation. While you are resting in the postures, I use reiki energy to remove blockages in the body and restore the flow of energy. This combination will allow for total relaxation and you will leave feeling reconnected and refreshed!


Private session for one person  $65

Schedule online

Private group session for 5 people $150

To schedule please text or email.


I also offer this as a monthly event for $35 per person.  Class is limited to 5 people.  


Picture is taken from monthly event. Private session will be conducted in my healing room pictured below.

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